Waking up before the sun rises is not easy. Especially when it feels like it’s forty degrees in my room and the only sanctuary is my self-made cocoon. I force myself out of bed to go to practice, and once I’m there, I’m grateful. I’m nearing my 7th month of bikram yoga and I’m glad I’ve dedicated myself to going.

Chocolate chip and lemon loaf slices with hot coffee for breakfast. Now, that probably isn’t the best post-yoga breakfast there is, but I honestly wanted SUGAR. And CARBS. I suppose I could’ve had wheat toast. But, no fun. Too bad, so sad.

I was craving ramen since last night, so when it came time to have some lunch, I didn’t have to think about what was going on the stove. Poached egg – but I think I’m not fond of them like I used to be. Lots of seaweed. One bowl of this and I was totally done for. Need a nap badly, but it’s too late for that now.


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