I mixed some granola into my cereal this morning. And I thought about my funky eating habits.

If you’ve been following my food blog for a while, you might have noticed that I’m not fond of bananas. I won’t peel and eat a banana fresh from the bunch. But I will however, eat banana bread. Or a pbbh (peanut butter, banana, honey) sandwich. And rarely, but it has happened recently, banana sundaes.

Of course, now that I’m sitting here writing about my food quirks, I can’t think of them. There of course is still my aversion to peas. I will pick them out of fried rice, cup  noodles, pot pies… People say, “Why are you doing that? You can’t even taste them.” But, they don’t understand. The very reason why I don’t like peas is because of their taste and when they are in things, their taste is magnified because I don’t like them, which forces me to have to pick them out. It’s not a big deal. The obsessive-compulsive in me actually enjoys picking out the dang things and making small mountains on my plate or napkin.

Besides taste, I suppose there are the ways I eat things that might be funny. Just today, I told Kim and Ron that I bite off the chocolate edges of KitKats before crunching into the wafery goodness. The way I eat corn on the cob is probably not the most time-effective way, but I get all of the corny benefits. There are processes in which I consume food – from how I peel an orange, or the way I wind my pasta. It all leads to enjoying a perfect mouthful of something delicious.



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