big breakfast

For some reason, I felt like having a big breakfast. I had a tamale with scrambled eggs. Salsa and sour cream on the side, because I like condiments with my foods.

I turned the teevee on and just about died. Guy + Anne = too much peroxide. I’ve often said she’s the female-ish version of Guy, but to see them on teevee together was just TOO MUCH. There is something about her.. that I just can’t seem to get over long enough to actually like watching her. The show she hosts – Worst Cooks in America – is basically unwatchable and I’ve never attempted to watch her own show. FoodNetwork seems to be bogging down their schedules with shows that are of little to no interest to me. I haven’t watched any of Bourdain’s newest season, I probably should. To renew my faith in foodtv.



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