turkey pot pie party

After a day at Disneyland’s California Adventure, we came home to have Kim’s turkey pot pies. Funny crusts!

I made a giant cupCAKE.

Also known as, Ugliest Cake in the World. Well.. you see. We received this cupcake mould thingee from my aunt for Christmas. Usually, what I would do with this cake – the Guinness recipe – is make cupcakes. Kim wanted me to try the moulds, so I obliged. I have obviously been watching a lot of Cake Boss – you can see it in my frosting skills. And also my leveling skills! Truthfully, I was tired and I didn’t really care how it looked. HA! But, I gave J & J quarters to take home.. I wonder how long the cake will sit on their kitchen counters…. I tasted a bit before I put the rest of ours away and it wasn’t bad. The frosting might have been a bit too… umm buttery, but the cake was moist! The ganache inside was a bit weak though. I had much more success with the cupcakes.

As for this cupcake mould stuff.. I really don’t think it’s a good idea to make a giant cupcake. The shape is awkward to cut. I’d much rather go for a bundt pan.


3 thoughts on “turkey pot pie party

  1. yum! jenny i need your email and i have been dieing to ask if you are fb!
    please add me so i can see your daily musings. xx


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