a day’s earlier eats

Start the day with breakfast. Vanilla yogurt with a heap of strawberry granola from Archer Farms. I especially like the poppy flax seeds.

My appetite’s been weird lately. I think I’ve been overeating and consuming way too much junk food. Kim chopped up a ton of stuff for salads so I ate a small bowl for lunch with a roast beef sandwich. I am loving me some thinly slice roast beef lately.. As much as I love all animals of the earth.. I love their delicious tasty bodies too.


Emily and I finalised things for our first full length stop-motion animation this afternoon and I’m very excited about it. It’s pretty hilarious, and having watched it again and again, I can see so much we can do in the future with new movies. If you’re interested, head on over to Bee & Bean to check it out.


Afternoon coffee with a raisin lemon scone. Mmmmm!



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