I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas! We hunkered down in the early afternoon for some major cooking. A gigantic roast occupied the oven for the majority of the time, but we were able to squeeze in our sides just before everyone came over to grub.

On the Menu:

  • rib roast
  • creamed spinach
  • scalloped potatoes
  • roasted brussels sprouts
  • creamed shiitakes with truffle oil
  • biscuits
  • broccoli and shrimp

We ate really good. I ate really good. Maybe too good. I did however, force myself to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to exercise. Phew!

For dessert, we had all kinds of baked goodies dropped off by aunties. Cookies, scones, coconut chocolate bars, lace cookies, fruit & nut bark… mmm.. we’re so spoiled. Deliciousness abounded.

We worked some of it off opening gifts, playing Wii and watching District 9. Ahh, what a great family movie! HAHAHA!

Not a very glamourous photo since I was wanting to dig in, but dude, do I love me some brussels sprouts or what??! Thank goodness they were the petit ones… (o_o)


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