baguette or bagwet

Sammi has this game for her DS called Cooking Mama. One of the items she gets to “cook” is a baguette. Being a video game junkie, I asked if I could play her DS and try this game. Sammi obliged and the item I decided to make was the baguette.

I said, “I’ll try making this baguette.

And Sammi said, “Is that how you say it? I thought it was ‘bagwet’.

I started laughing and said, “Noooo! It’s bag-ette.

She said, “That doesn’t make sense. It has a U in it!

How do you explain French pronunciation to an 8 year old… ?

I had a baguette with cheese and tomatoes for lunch. I also brewed some passion iced tea which turned out pretty good. I think I’m over this whole bread+cheese+tomato thing now..



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