cheesey tomato-y day

Thanksgiving dinner was the most food I have consumed all month, in one sitting. I think I woke up several times that night, feeling  like I was going to heave. But, surprisingly, when I woke, I was craving something cheesey!!

I made myself cheese toast with tomato. I offered Sammi a slice, but she opted for Rice Krispies. Probably, the better choice following such an intense meal!

A few hours later, I was still craving cheese and tomato. Sammi and I went to the market to pick up stuff to make spinach dip, and I ended up bringing home a Culinary Circle pizza that we could pop into the oven.

While the pizza was baking, Kim and Ron set me up to do some BB gun shooting. Now.. if you know me, and if you don’t know this but do know me, you should know that I have an extreme dislike of guns. I was taken to a shooting range once and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. POW BOOM BANG! Yeah. I was pretty traumatised. I can’t even stand balloons popping near me!

But, Ron handed me the “Daisy” and I shot some BB’s.

No recoil. No loud noises. Tiny pellets? I can do that… (0_0)


I’m not a frozen pizza connoisseur, but this is good stuff. Kim bought it a couple times before and I was really surprised at how soft and crispy the crust gets. Even Sammi said, “this pizza is dericious!”



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