thanksgiving breakfast

How did Thanksgiving creep up on us? Just the other day, I was thinking about the pumpkins we had carved and it’s already Thanksgiving! Are the holidays feeling less holiday-ish too? What is it.. I remember last year feeling like Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went without a whole lot of holiday cheer. I think we blamed it on the economy – everyone was sort of feeling bummed.

For breakfast, I had a slice of zucchini bread – you can see a chocolate chip there. Mmm.. I use Ghiradelli’s milk chocolate chips in my breads/cookies because they taste so much better than Hershey’s or Toll House. Hot hot coffee which seared off the tip of my tongue and now has given me a stomach ache. BLAH!

No lunch. I have to save room for this afternoon’s feast. Dinner starts at 3pm. THREE?! I’ll be in a tryptophan-induced coma before 5pm. This is just nuts!



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