i need to jump start my appetite

Kim was out and about doing work stuff today and offered to bring home lunch. What a good sister.

She brought home the steak & blue salad from Quizno’s for me. I had their little flatbread triangles with my homemade hummus. The salad was pretty bleh. The dressing which I am assuming is some kind of balsamic vinaigrette was strange – it had a very perfume-y taste. But, what should I expect for $2.50??


One of my favourite veggie soups and giant prawns for dinner. We also had some other kind of seafood, but the photo was too gruesome since it involved a giant fish head! Squeamish people probably don’t read this anyway, but, just to protect them from the horror. I opted to not post that photo.


Tomorrow, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving at my uncle’s house. So far, what I know is on the menu, because they’re dishes that we’re bringing: noodles and candied yams.

Hope everyone has a safe and tasty Thanksgiving!



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