a saturday wine and cheese night

Seven Daughters
To start our wine and cheese bonanza, we had a blend of reds from Seven Daughters. I thought it was really nice and smooth. It went well with our little sliders Kim made.

We picked up everything from Henry’s. The patties were seasoned meatballs that Ron cooked on the stovetop grill. That little device is quite handy!

wild herring & mussells
I never thought I’d like herring, but it’s surprisingly good. Buttery. Probably packed with calories, but too good to pass up. The mussels were nice and much less than the ones I ordered from La Tienda. The only thing was, some of the mussells still had sea stuff attached to them. They weren’t gross, but Kim asked why she was getting all the “hairy mussels”. (-_-)

cheese & fruits
Bought a new aged gouda, which is less dense as the Rembrandt, but just as good. So perfect with plump sweet grapes. We also had smoked gouda, an herb roulette (Kim and Ron’s favourite I think), and a blue that was a bit too sharp for me. I think I’ll use it in salads. Anjou pears, apples and tiny Heirloom blend tomatoes. I can probably eat those tomatoes all day. Kim also picked up a jar of stuffed olives which I found to be quite good, and not at all overpowering even stuffed with a garlic clove.

Next time we do this, I promise to give more notice! We need more guests to come partake.. 🙂



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