Mako Sushi

Kim and Ron ate at Mako Sushi a couple nights ago and had good things to say, so we decided to go for dinner tonight. I think this is the same spot that Jeanette told me about a long time ago. Total hole in the wall. Limited seating. Sushi bar and tables.

We brought mom and dad to have a sushi feast. And feast we did.

First, we had unagi, uni, tuna and salmon. The unagi was awesome. I haven’t had good eel like that in a very long time.

The uni was …. amazing. I have had uni at a bunch of different sushi places (even Sushi Gen) and I never took to it. Mako’s uni is superbe. There is no makes-you-wanna-spit-barf sea taste. The uni is smooth. Sea cheese. We are now, fans.

Dad has to have rice with a meal in order for it to be “complete” so we got him the teri-beef. Not bad. Beef was tender. The sauce was a bit mediocre but who’s going there to get full off of teriyaki?!

Yellowtail, more tuna and salmon. The yellowtail was super fresh. Melted in your mouth and tasted just right. I think I am warming up to yellowtail because I used to think it was too fishy. Now, I know, I must’ve had bad yellowtail.

Tiger roll (shrimp tempura with spicy tuna and avocado) and spider roll (soft-shelled crab with avocado, crab mix and roe). Both were really good, but I really love spider crab. Seriously? I could eat that all day.

Well, maybe not all day, but man. I love it.

Close-ups of the nigiri. Mmmmmm!!!

Albacore was okay.. not my fave of the bunch. The ponzu sauce was a bit strange to me. Not as ponzu-y as I like.

This is total food porn. Yellowtail close-up!

The sushi chef who, while we were there, had at least two sakes and 4 beers. AWESOME.


One thought on “Mako Sushi

  1. YO! So glad you finally got to try Mako. Haha. It's a great hole in the wall. how I miss sushi!!! WHAHHH!!! 😦 The sushi chef you got a picture of, that's the guy my dad likes going to. Get to know him and he'll be hooking you up with random cuts of fish for free!! So awesome. Ooh – you like uni? Have you tried it with a little sesame oil? TRY IT. SO GOOD!


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