Day of the Mommo

We made mom breakfast this morning..
– cinnamon crunch french toast
– hashbrowns
– over-easy eggs (scrambled for me)
– kielbasa
– pancakes (Kim was ambitious)

Needless to say, we were stuffed.

For dinner, dad cooked a rib roast. TASTY!

I made artichokes with my famous garlic aioli dipping sauce. YUM. 2 artichokes for $3 at Albertson’s. Good deal right?

Dinner… potatoes, biscuit, artichoke and rib roast with gravy. AHHHHHHH!!

Good eatin’


2 thoughts on “Day of the Mommo

  1. mmmm i want some of that artichoke with the aioli dipping sauce! the 4 of us need to get together SOON to have a food and pictures fest! =)

  2. stick around in town for longer than a couple weeks and we shall!! 😀 we need to have a major cookout.


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