almost forgot the stinky tofu

I almost forgot.. I tried STINKY TOFU!

One of our fellow tourmates bought a plate at one of our rest stops.
He was eating it and I said: “Oh dang! You’re eating that!”
With a mouthful of said stinky tofu, he said, “Yes! It’s good! Try some!”
And I was thinking, oh mannnn, but I said, “I’m scared.”
He thrust his little paper tray at me and I took a square out.
It had a little soy sauce and Sriracha on it. My dad came by and said something like “aiya”.
I pulled off a corner and smelled it. I always smell my food first. For some reason.
It smelled like sh*t.
Bird crap, horse crap, cow crap, all kinds of old crap. I mean, it did NOT smell edible.
But I put it in my mouth. And the smell wafted into my nostrils and lingered there for a moment, but the actual piece of fried tofu didn’t TASTE like crap. I didn’t eat the rest though.

Stinky tofu’s just not my bag.



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