Shanghai bye-bye

Shanghai, on our last day.

Breakfast at The Grand Mercure Baolong Hotel, our last stay of the trip:

The place was very fancy. And the breakfast buffet had EVERYTHING. From pancakes and omelets, to design your own soup noodles and blue cheese. Oh goodness. It was the bomb dizzle.

Chinese cucumbers man. They’re so friggin good and crunchy!

My bowl of noodles. I topped it with preserved spicy veggies, a spoonful of teeny tiny shrimp, more pickled stuff, a soy sauce egg, sesame oil and chopped green onions. WOW! So good. The noodles were freshly made and everything together tasted so delicious. I kept saying I wanted to eat another bowl, but of course, I couldn’t. My stomach was distended!

After lunch, Tony took us to check out Shanghai’s tallest buildings. The Shanghai Financial District and CCTV buildings were the main attractions. We drove around for a while, took some photos and then we were taken to Nanjing Road for even MORE shopping!! I didn’t buy too much, just a few more tee shirts, but I really enjoyed walking around there. We smelled food, so we headed over to the busier area.

Giant steamed buns with lots of soup inside that you can drink from a straw! Talk about instant throat scalding!! We didn’t try these, but they did remind me of when Bourdain was in Shanghai and he had those dumplings and soup baos.. and and …

Lo and behold! We walk around a corner and I see the exact place I was thinking of! WTF! AWESOME!! I was getting all crazy so Kim and Ron were like let’s go eat here! WE ARE SUCH CLUELESS AMERICANS! The line wrapped around the building and over a bridge! It would’ve been a couple hours worth of a wait to eat at that place. DAMN IT!! This means, I have to go back to Beijing, to walk another part of the Great Wall and eat more critters, and Shanghai! Oh my gourd.

Before we were done though, we had eaten our final weird snack in China. Baby chickens. I KNOW I KNOW. I’m grossing people out here.. but honestly, if I wasn’t adventurous in my culinary ways, would I be as entertaining? I think, not.

Bbq’ed baby chickens with a bunch of herbs on top. Tasted like coriander, curry powder and white pepper. I was really afraid to eat these, because have you heard of balut? OH MAN! So scare, but anyway. I was like, what the hell, why not! A fancy lady was munching on them and she looked perfectly content! I bit a miniature thigh off and ate it. Bones and all. Tasty!! I got kind of ewwed out when I bit into the body and it was kind of crunchy. But the spices mask any sort of unsavouriness that could potentially make you vom.

On the plane again, bound for Beijing, and from there, bound for L.A.

China, you were very very good to us. See you again soon!



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