Suzhou adventures

Breakfast in Suzhou. Fancy little dining area. I liked our spoons. Big shovel-type spoons. Good for eating cereal. I had rice porridge with 1000 year old eggs and a little square of fermented bean curd. The breads were passable, and the ranch potatoes were pretty good. Tiny pancakes with honey and almonds. I had coffee too. This was definitely one of the fancier hotels we stayed in during our trip.

After breakfast, we visited the Lingering Garden which is a sprawling residence once owned by a wealthy man who later gave it to his son. His son ended up losing the entire lot due to gambling debt. The gardens were amazing and beautiful and the one room we were allowed into, the daughter’s room, was filled with trinkets from her time. Such awesome little figurines, ornaments, costumes, teeny tiny shoes!

We visited the silk factory before lunch. I ended up buying 2 quilts after hearing such wondrous things about silk blankets. I have to say, they’re pretty darned comfy.

Lunch at the factory:

It wasn’t too bad. I liked the sesame bread eaten with cured pork and pickled veggies. The corn was not good though. It was like chewing on yellow rubber.

After lunch, we headed to Hangzhou which was another few hours away. When we arrived, we met our new local guide, Laura. She was very nice and informative. She also spoke a million languages. We had dinner at a nice hotel.

Three different kinds of soups. One was a favourite of mine, bamboo shoot soup. Mmm! Everything was really tasty. Our fellow American-Indonesian diners, Jimmy and Heti were lovin’ on this Chinese food. They ate with us at every meal and were fun traveling companions.



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