Beijing free night

After our rickshaw tour, and walkabout through a native Beijing man’s home, we were dropped off at the Holiday Inn Express for our first night in Beijing. We napped after showering and we slept hard for a good few hours. I didn’t realise how jet-lagged I was until I woke up, freezing, looking out at a grey sky. We decided to head out for some dinner. Outside of the hotel didn’t look very promising, but we walked around and found a wonton place.

GII Wonton. Now, we have no idea how to pronounce that. Are those two capital i’s or double l’s?? Kim pronounced it: Guh-luh-luh wonton.

We ordered two bowls of noodles and two bowls of wontons, a plate of pickled cucumbers (Chinese cucumbers are so friggin delicious) and a plate of cured beef. Everything was good. I’m not a huge fan of wontons, but these were better than any I’ve had before. No ammonia taste, not heavy and filled with good meat. Our entire meal, including drinks was less than $10USD. WHAT!! I could eat in China forever!

These kids were hanging around outside of the shop near this guy who was cooking meats on sticks. The smell was good, but we were way too full to have any more food.

We walked around for a while, watched people fly kites. Kites in China are pretty fancy. Some had tricked out kites with LED lights. I was impressed.

On our way back to the hotel, we bought my parents a bag of roasted chestnuts, unfortunately, they were over-roasted. It was my first buying experience in China with yuen. I think the lady ripped me off. 😛



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