Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

Snagged the recipe from Smitten Kitchen.
I’ve been on a cupcake kick the last few weeks haven’t I?
It definitely helped that this recipe involved alkeehall.

Slowly but surely, I’m getting the hang of baking in the kitchen. This doesn’t mean I’m ready to tackle cookies again. Cookies of all things.

I was a little intimidated by this recipe because it called for three different procedures. I set everything up in the beginning so I could go through my directions step by step without having to freak out and wonder where I was at. Mixing everything turned out to be really easy. I tried drinking the rest of the Guinness, but almost barfed.

Baked 24 cupcakes for 17 minutes (that’s really the perfect time) and let them cool for a bit. I didn’t have a 1″ cookie cutter, because why would I? I can’t even cut giant Christmas tree cookies!! So, my mom improvised and we used a wine stopper which had a 0.75″ circumference to extract short columns of cake from the middle of the cupcakes!! SO GENIUS.

Frosting the cupcakes was a bit of a challenge because I used a Ziploc that ended up exploding in my hand. WOOHOO!!! Kim suggested using a tougher freezer bag and that worked like a charm. I’m going to have to buy a baker’s bag dude. No fancy frosting this time. Just a thin ribbon of Bailey’s Irish buttercream. WOW. So good.

The chocolate ganache inside is oozy and delicious. WOOOOOOOO!

Making cupcakes is starting to get really fun.
But not for my thighs.


One thought on “Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

  1. mind blowing. please tell me you are on fb so i can see your updates. i need to be following you for we are obv two peas in a food pod.


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