The end of Christmas "vacation"

Something isn’t right about going back to work between Christmas and New Year’s. Does anyone else agree? I mean, this should be a time to really relax and finish up the year with good thoughts by having a week PTO. HAAAAAAAAAHAHAH.

I’m crazy.

Drinking hot almond tea, not eating the cookies I took from the box, and going through the book JW gave me for Christmas. I’ve eaten about 0.5% of the things in this book. I’m completely intrigued by the fruits. Seriously. Where do you find such amazing fruits?! I guess this means I’ll have a crapton of places I need to travel to too. Having this book is going to turn me into an obsessive food-tryer. The cheeses… oh god.

Thanks to amazing family and friends, I have had a great Christmas. Hope you did too!



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