Our annual pumpkin carving party goes off without a hitch, early Saturday evening. We arrive at J&W’s house to find the house smelling of cinnamon and onions. You may think that isn’t a good combo, but it is.

Starting us off with sliced gouda, salami, crackers, grapes and an awesome chipotle spread, we are in for a night of assumed over-eating.

Before I get too far though, William graciously fixes me a Black Irish with his new alcohol dispenser, Little Whizzer. The thing shoots about 5″ from the nozzle!

Our first course is the infamous pumpkin soup. I think everyone was a bit hesitant to try it because well, it’s pumpkin soup and it’s sweet, yet savory, spicy yet cool.. but, as soon as a spoonful touched their tongues, it was magic. MAGIC I SAY! It’s such a surprisingly wonderful tastebud explosion! The cranberry-apple relish is really a great pairing for this soup.

Main course of the night, sliders. The sliders I’m used to are from White Castle which also means they’re disgusting and vomit inducing. However, of course, we’re not dining at WC. We’re dining chez JW. These are juicy, fresh, and tasty sliders served on King’s Hawaiian rolls. WTF. So good. I had two which probably came out to two normal sized burgers as the patties were about 1″ thick by the time they were cooked. Delicious! On the side, sweet potato fries from Trader Joe’s. They didn’t stay as crisp as we would’ve liked, but they were still tasty! Next time, we’ll have to make a chipotle ranch dipping sauce.

Pumpkin carving starts not long after the last bite is taken, and we’re carving away for quite some time. I didn’t get a good shot of the pumpkin line-up, but everyone’s carvings came out really cool. I think we are definitely stepping up our own standards in pumpkin art.

Here are our pumpkin carvings!



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