clean, eat, watch movie, shop, cook, eat

I ate a few melon flavoured jelly beans this afternoon and then I felt sick.
I’m so sensitive to these things some times.

Kim said I should make cornish hens, so I did. I went to the market and bought Tyson’s hens. They were about $1.99/lb at Albertson’s which isn’t exactly cheap, but I haven’t made a dinner in a while, so I was like, why not!

They come two in a pack.

Fresh sage and rosemary for the cooking. I used rosemary with the baby gold and red potatoes. The sage went with the hens once they were ready for the oven. Fresh herbs kick ass.

These tiny potatoes came out so good. Baked them with rosemary, sea salt and pepper for about 50 minutes. Very sweet and smooth texture.

Hens in the oven. Seasoned with garlic, dried herbs, salt, cracked black pepper and I shoved in butter pats under the skin. Lemon wedges inside of the hen makes for good aroma and juiciness.

Half a hen, brussel sprouts, potatoes and corn. I think I ate WAY TOO MUCH. Even with just half of a hen. Dang. Good eats!



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