caught a cold in summer

Peanut butter and banana sandwich. If you know me, you already are aware my aversion to bananas. I don’t eat them. I don’t like banana cream pie. I don’t like banana in my smoothies. I don’t like artificially banana flavoured things. But..

I like banana bread.
I like bananas with my pbj sandwich minus the jelly.
I, once in a blue moon, like bananas in my cereal.
I have eaten bananas on iced cream, but it’s not a thing I will voluntarily make for myself.
I’ve had bananas mashed with sweet potatoes, and I could eat it.

It’s a weird thing. I know. If the banana-ness is diluted or underplayed dramatically, I can do it. I can!

Having a cold in the prime of summer is just LAME.
Looking for jobs all morning is tiring and will someone just hire me to eat all day. Or take pictures of food all day? Or even just LOOK at pictures all day? That would be fun. I’d like that a lot.



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