i make dinner sometimes… !

With the parentals out for the weekend, I decided to make a Poor Girl’s Feast which basically means cooking an entire meal using only what I could find in the fridge, pantry and freezer. (Luckily Poor Girl lives with family).

On the Menu:
dirty rice

I think I did a fine job with the artichokes this time. Boiled them for about twenty minutes, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, popped them into the broiler for about five minutes and served them when the steaks were done.

The steaks were seasoned with garlic, salt, parsley, dill and crushed black pepper. I just cooked them stove top on a pan. They came out super moist and tender. Oooh yeah, I am conquering the red meat!

Salads are always a huge thing for me – carrots, Persian cucumbers, homegrown tomatoes from grandma, hearts of palm and Caesar dressing. Oh damn I ate good.

After all that, I still had room for ambrosia that Kim made. PGF has been a SUCCESS!



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