the sweet life of leftovers

Leftovers can be good things. Most pastas hold up well for leftovers as long as you have enough sauce, fried chicken is pretty good too, stews and chili, bbq. I have flip-flopped on leftovers in the past. I relied on them for lunches when I was living in Michigan, and then I came home and I was like eww leftovers. Now, I’m all about good leftovers and revamping them.

Last night’s cornish hens were turned into sandwiches today.

I used the aioli as spread and ate the sandwich with tomatoes off the vine (my grandma’s) and a few garlic olives stuffed with feta that Kim and Ron picked up on their Solvang wine tasting adventures. Along with the sandwich and tasty bits, we had some of this really good white wine garlic salsa that was also brought home by Kim. Tasty tasty tasty.



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