Creature of habit I know I know I know.
I spent most of the day cleaning and sweating and I forgot to eat until after two. I put together another picnic-y meal. Marinated tomatoes, cornichons, salumi, cheese (Graskaas by Beemster limited edition) and more baguette. I ate it whilst watching Cash Cab. When I visit NY, I so want to get into the Cash Cab.

And, of course, a visit to Les Halles. Jeanette and William think Anthony Bourdain is a big asshole, but I cannot help but like the guy. He says everything I would say on television about Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray. He is more interesting as a television entity than a chef, except he’s getting really mainstream and I think he’s losing his edginess which is a big booohoo. However, I find him quite endearing when eating that raw baby seal in Alaska with the natives. (0__0)



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