South Point Oyster Bar, Mesa Grill

We arrived in Vegas on the 4th and celebrated with a buffet dinner at Green Valley. Mmmm crab legs and drawn butter. I was too busy eating to even care about the fireworks. My party was rushing me to finish so we could catch the last of the bombalicious fireworks, but we only caught a few driving back to our resort.

Jeanette and William arrived Saturday morning and we met up to eat lobster grilled cheeses at South Point’s Oyster Bar.

Kim and I shared a bowl of chowder and a lobster grilled cheese. The clam chowder was super salty, but each spoonful was loaded with clams. Thank goodness we decided to share. The grilled cheeses weren’t as good as we had hoped. The lobster wasn’t seasoned enough and the cheese was weak and not melty. I’m pretty sure we can all make them better now that we’ve been exposed to the idea. The chips were gross. So oily!

My birthday dinner at Mesa Grill.

Julie ordered the duck which was such a good choice. Delicious and juicy and the sauce was so bomb. DANG BOBBY FLAY and his nippleliciousness.

Ron had ribeye and so did Kim and I. We shared. My favourite sides of the night: pesto mashed potatoes and the goat cheese tamale from Julie’s dish. WOWZ. Talk about fat bastard style! Jeanette and William had the pork tenderloins – now I’m not a big fan of pork, but holy shizz. These tenderloins were huge and moist and cooked perfectly. What an excellent choice. They also had good things to say about the tiger shrimp tamale, but William still thinks his tequila shrimp kick BF’s shrimpz asses.

Our dessert choices:

Totally stuffed beyond belief. Everything was so delectable. Thanks to everyone who made it out. I ♥ you!



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