We had short ribs cooked two different ways tonight.
1. short ribs with taro root and cilantro in a black bean sauce
2. short ribs with pickled scallions in a sweet and sour sauce
Now, why did we have two different kinds of short ribs? Because Kim, my sister, isn’t a big fan of taro root. Taro root is an interesting eating experience. When boiled the texture is gooey, slimy, sticky, yet soft like a potato. I can see how many people don’t enjoy eating taro. I like it even though it’s got a strange slimy feel. It’s not at all slimy like okra though. UGH. I cannot eat okra. Not even fried okra! At most dim-sum places, they have these a la carte dishes called fried taro balls or something like that. I just made it up. It’s called wuo-gok in Chinese. It’s basically mixed meats and vegetables rolled inside a taro ball (think potato ball from Porto’s except made with taro), and then deep fried. Wowz. It’s probably one of my favourite dim-sum dishes, and I’m definitely not a fan of dim-sum. The long lines, the angry waiters, the hurried eating. Not my style.

Anywayzzzz, we had short ribs x’s 2 and leftover chicken and herb soup.

I kind of feel like eating a giant bowl of cherries, but we don’t have any more.



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