Corner Bakery, Hastings Ranch

I like Corner Bakery. If there is one nearby, and I haven’t eaten, I’ll think, hey, Corner Bakery sounds like a good idea! After a day at the dog park with Katsu, we decided to grab a quick lunch. I chose the Bavarian sandwich with turkey – something I haven’t tried before. We ate outside, under the shade, enjoying the breeze. I had eaten half of my sandwich and started on the second half when I noticed my turkey looking strangely fuzzy. Upon closer inspection, I find that it’s not turkey, but a piece of paper! ! ! ! WTF. I open my sandwich to see that not only was the cheese paper separator still stuck to the cheese, but I had already taken two bites of it! I ATE PAPER! That sucked.

I took my sandwich inside to show someone. The dude I talked to was very understanding, asked if I wanted a replacement or something else, I declined since we were all done anyway, and he offered me two $5 certificates for our next visit. Cheese paper man. BLEH!

That sandwich wasn’t very good anyway.



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