mama mia, pizza!

I have yet to get this pizza down. The first time I made bbq chicken pizza, I used a honey wheat crust purchased from Trader Joe’s. It was fantastic. The crust was crispy and thick and held my toppings really well. The last three times I’ve made pizza, they’ve been disappointing.

The crust is from Trader Joe’s and it’s basically a bag of dough. We used this at Jeanette’s house and it came out good. But I’m starting to realise it’s way too doughy. It doesn’t cook thoroughly or something is just wrong with how I am making my pizza. Anyway, the pizza doesn’t have enough strength to hold the 5lbs of toppings I put on it.

Mozzarella, red onions, tomatoes, bbq chicken, and cilantro. Piled on and baked for about twenty minutes even though the dough packaging only calls for 8-10 minutes. Even after all of that cooking, the dough is still doughy and too soft. C’est dommage! I was thoroughly disappointed.

I looked at the pizza for a long time before serving. It was okay. Edible, but not enjoyable.

Crusts/dough that I will not use anymore: Boboli and Trader Joe’s raw dough. I am going to try a new pre-baked crust next time. Also, I need to use a tomato sauce that has a thicker consistency, because the one I used today was so crazy watery by the time I put the pizza in the oven. WOE! Man.



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