Middle Eastern Dominance

There is a trend going on here.
Middle Eastern cuisine.
It’s all up in my business. I just have a thing for it right now. Like back in the day when I was all about Thai food.

Last night’s dinner with Jeanette at Ulysses provided me with my first moussaka experience. I have to say, it was tasty eating. The moussaka itself could’ve used more pizazz, but I liked the potatoes and the flaming cheese appetizer we had. Woo! Good thing the dude didn’t set it on the table still flaming because I’d be eyebrow-less and probably bang-less today.

No pictures though.

Dinner tonight, we had Ani’s. Oh yes. Rotisserie chicken, hummus, pita, Greek salad, pickled turnips, rice pilaf.. the goods. I’m glad my dad ate it because he’s usually like CHIKON?! AGAIN?!

Mother’s Day Menu is looking real good.



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