House Party & Sapphire Hotel

Emily’s neighbours invite us to a house party/pot luck at their friend’s house. Everyone is so super nice and welcoming and friendly that I am like, dude! I wish all of my friends could be here with me. The party is hosted by four girls, the only one I officially meet and remember the name of is Bree (I’m not sure how she spells it, but it sounds like that). Their house is two storied with an awesome front porch and great backyard area. It is nice to meet all of these new people, eat good food, drink and be merry. The conversations are interesting, the neighbours’ kids (Theodora, 3 and Chloe, 2) seek me out and proceed to entertain me for most of the night.

On my plate: tortilla chips with flax seed, bean dip (Paul made this and it was phenomenal, the guy is good in the kitchen), pasta and lasagna. I also had a cup of the tomato bisque we b(r)ought (whoopsie!!), ate almonds with dates, a slice of turtle cheesecake and more of the bean dip later. Dang. I eat good when traveling!

When we eat our fill and have our laughs, Brad decides that we walk down a couple blocks to the Sapphire Hotel. Very cool place. The decor seems to be Asian-inspired. The inside is dimly lit, lush fabrics, really nice seating area for us. We sit by a fireplace that isn’t lit and Emily and I order a round of really strong drinks.

My Apricot Blonde. The exact ingredients I can’t remember, but it’s basically a lemondrop made with pepper infused vodka. It is SPICY! And delicious. Mmmmm… drinks!



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