panko chicken

I can’t remember where I got the idea to make chicken strips with panko crust.. for some reason, the name Emeril comes to mind.. but it can’t be. Can it? I have to admit, my early cooking days in Michigan were all inspired by watching the Food Network when I was home alone. I remember I tried something off a show and hated it because the recipe called for all spice and instead of buying the kind that is already made, I made my own and it was so spice-y and spicy that everything it landed on was instantly putrified. I learned my lesson. I now cook to taste. I rarely follow recipes, even when I should (see chicken pot pie entry.. eek)

Panko chicken was well received. I made enough for about 7 people, but it makes for good leftovers. Of course, we used the famous Thai/Vietnamese sweet and sour dipping sauce. It’s the bomb dizzle. The pickled cucumbers helped to cool the spiciness of the sauce and definitely added a contrast to the crispy chicken.

Tomorrow, coconut shrimp, steak and buttered asparagus. Woo!!



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