My Dung

Tonight, my family and I ate at a restaurant named My Dung. Yes, really.
It might be needless to say this, but it was a Vietnamese restaurant where My Dung most likely means Tasty Cheap Food with Really Bad Service. My parents wanted to eat at My Dung because the last time they were there, they saw these “Family Specials” which includes a few signature dishes for prix fixe.

The food came out quick style.

The courses:
pickled vegetables
jellyfish salad (thinly sliced jellyfish, julienned carrots, cucumbers, radish, shrimp, and their house fish sauce)
fried pompano with sweet/sour/spicy sauce
soup (insane combination of flavours – okra, some other kind of cucumberish type vegetable, celery, shrimp, pineapple, and tomatoes)
catfish in hot pot

Our table quickly became too crowded as we sampled these new dishes. I was impressed. I told Kim I felt like we were really eating in Vietnam. The salad was really refreshing – I think it had bits of basil in it. The pompano was surprisingly good – I’m not a huge fan of whole fried fish but the sauce was super tasty. The soup was probably the highlight because it was so weird. After one sip, I said “It tastes like armpit.” Before you ask me How do you know what armpit tastes like, I know you know what I mean. But I got over my fear and slurped up some more. The flavour is pungent with spices and it’s sour yet sweet yet sour.. I was intrigued and had two bowls. I ate the cucumbery things and avoided the okra. What is it with okra? It’s like biting into zucchini only to find your tongue completely slimered. I don’t like that feeling.

My Dung is pretty not bad and worth visiting again in the future for more interesting authentic Vietnamese dishes..



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