I like candy. This may be one of the reasons I actually have cavities when I visit the dentist. That and having bad teeth genes. You will find candy in my dozens of purses. Candy in my desk drawer at the office. Candy in my car. Candy shoved into the pockets of old jackets. CANDY. I will be the grandma who always has candies for her grandkiddies.

Here’s a partial list of candy I like:
– Cotton candy
– Toffifay
– Abba Zabba
– Mexican chewy chili strawberry candies
– Scotchmallows
– Almond royals
– Lemonheads
– Lindt truffles
– Chewy mints
– York peppermint patties
– Necco wafers
– Taffy of all kinds
– Clear and Red Gummi bears



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