Being the spoiled Californians we are, fifty degrees and we’re ready for some steaming hot pot action.

Cocary delivers just that. A central hot pot for dunkin’ fish balls, oysters, making soup – veggies, tofu, fish cakes, and flanking this hot pot are sectioned off hot plates to cook meat. Fresh, delicious and marinated meats – beef, chicken, lamb and I think there’s more but I only really eat the beef and chicken.

I shot some photos with my phone, but I think next time I eat there, I’m going to bring my proper camera and document the whole eating event. Bubbling broth, sizzling meat, getting popped with hot oil, people rushing about grabbing bowls of rice, utensils and cups of water. Everything about Cocary is busy and hot. It’s been a long time favourite of ours and every friend I bring ends up enjoying themselves immensely.

At the Cocary bar, a couple of cargo trains carry dishes of vegetables and meat. You pick and choose to your liking and cook on individual-sized hot pot/plates.

Get your own food!

The train..

Get your cook on

And after dinner, stop by the Cocary dessert station where you can get an assortment of hot and cold teas, smoothies and shave ice. I went for the cold almond milk tea… MMMM!



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