Any preconceptions you’ve had of me, throw them away.

I am a liver eater.
I am a gizzard eater.
I’m a lung and heart muncher.

My late grandfather is to be credited with my unconventional range of cravings. He would marinate and cook chicken livers and let me eat them. Coppery tasting, but smooth. Unless you have had really good liver, you cannot appreciate what I am talking about here people. Barbequed liver – kind of like char siu style from the local Chinese chop shop. C’est mon favori! The gizzards are less likely to be on my list of gotta have ’em, but the heart and lungs? Yeah, they’re up there. That chewy nugget of muscle and those flaps of tender lung… I think I could eat a whole bunch of hearts. Hearts of palm too. And artichoke hearts. Oh and of course, romaine hearts.

The least of my desired would be stomach, kidney, intestines, various feets, butts and lips. This is probably because I haven’t had it prepared well. It’s usually drowning in some kind of soup or gravy. The true “delight” of these otherwise tossed out treasures haven’t been revealed to me. I’m willing and ready to try it all. I’ve been particularly interested in brain. I hear it’s otherworldly yet delicious. And extremely high in cholesterol.

My foray into the world of peculiar eats is not for the faint of heart nor for the easily yucked out.

Of my more daring & experimental family and friends, I ask you to join me in a tasting of what the whole world has to offer us.



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