cherimoya + penguin cookie

Martinez came in with a fruit and said he had never eaten it before. I asked what it was and he said “cherimoya“. I instantly recognised the name (from where, I have no idea. I read a lot of shizz) and asked him where he got it. He shared half with me. It looked strange. Whitish in colour and a bit creamy? I sniffed it and I exclaimed “EWW!” It didn’t exactly smell savoury. In fact, it reminded me of papaya which, if you’ve ever smelled papaya, you’d know what I mean by unsavoury.

Being the daredevil that I am I stuck a fork in it and pulled out a fleshy piece of cherimoya. An olive pit sized seed fell out. Black and shiny. I put the fruit into my mouth. It was cold and sweet and tasted like pear and pineapple and papaya all at once. I said, “Oh man, this is good.” And proceeded to eat the rest. Martinez says he’s going to give me another. Gonzalez tried it and I think she probably threw up in her mouth a little. The girl is like not open to new tastes at all which I think has atrophied her taste buds. (-_-)

I’m a complete sucker for cookies. And cakes. And cookies. Annnnd cakes.

After pasta and meatballs, I had a penguin.



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