Thanksgiving, 2007

Today seems like a blur. I woke up feeling ill but cleaned and started prep work on our Thanksgiving dishes. Halfway through preparing the stuffing, I realised I bought the wrong kind of sausage. Desperate, I left with my mom to the market. The lines were insanely long but I got what we needed and we were out. After a quick lunch, we were back in the kitchen, cooking.

We prepped the eggs last night, so Kim filled them and they were gone in minutes which is good because leftover deviled eggs is nastiness.

The whole spread of food we had tonight. Turkey, a bit overcooked, stuffing, candied yams, scalloped potatoes, asparagus with shrimp, clams, cranberry salad and biscuits. Totally yum.

I had a little bit of everything, of course.

Pumpkin pies, flan and cheesecake. Wowz. Kim made the flan. It was a bit dense but there is a reason why my sister was a cook. She makes things taste good.

I ended the whole feast with two snifters of Porto. Oh, yes.



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