Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

Jeanette asked me to be a guinea pig for her Thanksgiving feast preparations. Of course, I gladly accepted. Arriving early, I started helping her with the cooking. Cooking with friends is fun. Pretty much everything we made had onion, celery and carrots. The menu was: turkey pot pie, pumpkin soup with chili apple cranberry relish, whipped sweet potato and banana with pecan crust, and country bread with Italian sausage.

We did really well. The soup scared us both, because instead of just pumpkin filling, we had to get the pumpkin pie filling. It was surprisingly delicious. The apple relish also added a really nice kick of flavour. Overall, very impressed with the meal.

Sage is so soft and pretty and delicious.

We roasted the sweet potatoes and bananas. The bananas turned black and reminded me of eggplant. They were white inside though and super juicy. They overpowered the sweet potatotes, but I still ate it despite my aversion to bananas. The pecan crust was delicious.. mmm..

Pumpkin soup with the chili apple cranberry relish. Ooh, so delectable. Tickles the palate with such an interesting infusion of flavours. Thyme, chili, pumpkin, creme, the tart apples and cranberries. Wow.

My plate of goods. Turkey pot pie which will have to be mastered yet again. The cream of celery gave it a sour taste and the dough in the pan didn’t cook. (-_-) But, the filling was a fantastic consistency. Sweet potatoes were drizzled with Tortuga spiced rum before we baked it again. Couldn’t taste the rum, must add more next time! The stuffing pretty much kicked our asses. The French baguette was the perfect pairing with the semi-spicy Italian sausage. I didn’t think I’d be such a fan of stuffing! I am totally making this again on Thursday.

As if we didn’t have enough good food, Jeanette brought out cheese and fruits and a really awesome pear spread. I had a few crackers and the mushroom Brie which tasted, as Jeanette said, “very earthy”. The taste was unique, but coupled with pear spread, I was like oh wow. Taste bud explosions.

I am preparing myself for the intense eating this week…



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