Grand Aunt’s Birthday: Seafood Village

For my grandaunt’s birthday, her family took us out to eat at Seafood Village. I was expecting the usual round of Chinese restaurant dishes, but these had a Chiu-zhao twist.

Appetizers, which included thinly sliced squid, jellyfish, duck, pork hock, and fried seafood balls. I know this might sound like an awful mix of odds and ends, but they’re all common starters at Chinese restaurants.

Pink table cloth, lazy susan, so classic Chinese family style dining.

The garlic lobster. I usually don’t eat lobster at Chinese restaurants because they’re too messy and gravy-ish but this was a battered and deep fried lobster with a crapton of fried garlic. WOWZ. It was yummy. I had three pieces! ! !

Dessert was something called crystal baos. They were sort of like mochi, but not. But good! I think I ate about four of those. Green tea flavour, black sesame and another one that had a very light white creme inside that tasted vaguely like mung beans. After that, more dessert including the saou-bao (I am bad at phonetically spelling Chinese words dude) and a custard cake. Total dessert mania.



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