cozy food lunch

I forgot to take pictures today. Here are my excuses:

Lunch: I simply forgot. I had a grilled cheese and chicken soup. I was too busy talking to even remember that I had my camera with me. My laugh is so loud in the room that it bounces off the walls and hurts my own ears. Luckily, those lunching with me didn’t complain.

Dinner: After a fabulous haircut, I ate hurriedly. Last night’s beef stew, so yummy. Stew is such a great comfort food. I look forward to it all the time. My parents make the best beef stew, tomato beef rice and tomato-y shrimp. Or maybe I just have a thing for tomatoes??

I just had a white nectarine which was sugary sweet and crunchy but not very juicy. It’s sitting like a rock in my stomach now.

Eww! I smell skunk!



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