Aloha Mixed Plate

On our last day in Maui, we decided to finally go and eat at Aloha Mixed Plate. It had been given rave reviews and was recommended by a few sites I had read. Situated right on the beach and looking like it had a lot of potential, I went there hoping to get a taste of Maui I didn’t have yet, and fly home with a belly full of good feelings and food.

Unfortunately, Aloha Mixed Plate did not deliver. My mahi mahi mini bowl was seriously mini and lacking. Come on. At least make it look good with some fresh greens and a little sauce?? Nope. Two grilled pieces of mahi, a sticky mushy ball of rice and a lemon wedge. Wow, thanks guys, you really didn’t have to. Squeeze pack of tartar sauce. Whutt? Really? Oh okay. Severely disappointing. Their teriyaki was awful jerky and you had to pay an extra $0.75 for sauce!! They need lessons from Cafe 808 and Da Kitchen. The garlic furikake fries were the only things I enjoyed.

Dis not da fresh kine yo. Or something like that.



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