Maui Cook-Ins

Since we had a kitchen at the resort, we made good use of it.

Steaks are always a good choice after a long day of swimming in the ocean and browning under the sun. Kim put together this garlic butter that pretty much ruined our breath for the rest of the night, but was so delicious on the meat.

I could barely finish 1/2 of this steak. I tried. I really did.

Fresh Maui Gold pineapples are a must-have in Maui. The fragrance of the fruit is evident just from holding the pineapple up to your nose. Mmm… Ron decided that we were going to make a delicious alcoholic pineapple topping. Good idea I say!

We promptly named our dessert “Squeasle” after many things that we named Squeasle that trip.

A bowl of Squeasle after the rum pineapple topping sat in the fridge a few hours. Wow. Talk about getting drunk and having ice cream at the same time.

Pork chops and veggies. I had my chop with some salsa because I like it.



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