Da Kitchen, Lahaina

Venturing out, we heard that Da Kitchen was the place to get authentic and good local food. It took us a while to actually find it since it’s in a strip mall diagonal to most of the streets there. The place was packed. People were waiting outside and every seat was full. We waited a while and were seated after about a 5 minute wait.

The interior of the restaurant made me feel a bit uncomfortable because it seemed dirty. We had to sit in a booth and Kim’s neurotic fear of booths had me sitting on the inside next to some old lettuce and brown stuff. (SHIVER). After looking at the menu and the specials board, I decided on chili spaghetti. That sounded hearty, filling, and I was half expecting the chili to be as good as Zippy’s.

My chili spaghetti was alright. A little watery for my taste, but everyone else enjoyed their food. The kalua pork was very savoury and cooked nicely. I tried a little bit of everything and I was like, yeah, this place is good. But Hawaiian food isn’t very special to me since we can get it here readily and easily. Although, since Kim’s left Ono Grill, I don’t eat musubis or katsus or even the curry very often which is sad.

Chowing down..



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