Mom’s Birthday BBQ

For mom’s birthday, we had a barbeque. Ribs. I think I am slowly but surely growing tired of ribs. I miss our carne asada and chicken barbeques with tubs of salsa and guacamole from Los Toros. But of course, I am grateful to have good food and people around for a celebration.

Kim marinated the ribs, I made cornbread muffins (from a mix, but added sweet corn niblets) and my now famous aioli dipping sauce and artichokes. Nathan liked the sauce so much he put it on his ribs AND his cornbread. Now that’s a compliment to the chef!

We had a mix of foods. From sushi to ribs to dim sum. Go figure.

Mmmm… artichokes.

For dessert, Amy’s Pastry carrot cake and ice cream. The carrot cake is delicious and moist and I recommend cakes from Amy’s for any and all occasions.



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