Leilani’s, Whalers Village, Maui

After checking into Sands of Kahana and visiting the beach, we cleaned up and headed out for dinner at Whaler’s Village. Our Activities Director gave us a few vouchers for restaurants in the Village, so we decided on Leilani’s. It looked good from the outside. Beach front view, lots of patrons, nice atmosphere. However, the restaurant is actually two in one. Upstairs is finer dining – seafood and steak. Downstairs is burgers and sandwiches. We opted for the shorter wait – burgers.

We were given a buzzer and we spent our wait taking pictures of Ka’anapali beach, each other and the sunset. Kim claims that right before the sun drops below the horizon, a green flash appears. Yes. I stood there waiting, taking shots every ten seconds and I did not capture the “green flash”. Maybe it’s too fast for my camera.

Finally seated, we looked through their small but good sounding menu.

We ordered an appetizer of Maui Onion Strings which were deep fried goodness. Smokehouse dipping sauce was pretty generic. I opted for ketchup and ranch.

For my First Cocktail of Maui, I chose the Lemonberry Tini. It was kind of weak, and the Chambord was lacking.

My dinner was the Beachside Burger with avocado and it was filling. I ate half and gave the rest to my dad who found it chokingly dry. I added a crapton of ketchup to mine because it was sort of dry despite the fact that there was almost an entire avocado in there. Every dish was adorned with a small orchid which was a nice touch even if contrived.

Dessert was the highlight of the dinner. Two ginormous slices of Hula Pie. Basically, rich vanilla ice cream on a chocolate covered chocolate cookie crust. Fudge topping with macadamia nuts all around. Light cream garnish. We demolished those pies. I wouldn’t mind having one right now…



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