Anthony’s Grill, The Bahamas

Up for another night of dining out in the Bahamas, we decided on Anthony’s Grill. The place was packed and we waited for a while before being seated in the colourful little joint.

Anthony’s Grill was not a far walk from our resort.

One of the staff helped take this photo of us. We were ready for FOOD!!

Chambord Colada – Probably my favourite drink of the entire trip aside from the Gasoline, Goombay Smash, various homemade mixed drinks and coladas I had whilst vacationing. Chambord is tasty!!

I had to have to conch salad which was a good choice since they made theirs with huge chunks of conch and a very citrusy and salty delicious brine.

Julie and I shared the conch salad and the cracked conch. The cracked conch was good while it was hot. We used tartar sauce and ate up all the fries. It was definitely a fried food bonanza!



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