fun times in vacaville

We made a kickbutt sangria with apricots, mangoes, fresh raspberries and Red Guitar wine. Oh, so good.

I helped Mrs. Weiss aka the rooster and lavender loving Karen with a giant bowl of pasta salad. We had the twirly pasta, artichoke hearts, edamame, sliced salami, cucumbers, provolone cheese, olives, bell peppers, carrots and red onions. She topped it with a special mix of sauce – recipe I must ask for.

Karen posing with the masterpiece and a bottle of balsamic vinegar which we later used on the roasted artichokes.

Emily making sure everything is going well on the grill. In addition to the pasta salad, the roasted artichokes and fun times, we had bbq pork ribs, marinated chicken breast and a really good homemade raspberry cobbler. DANG! Talk about good eats in Vacaville.

The Weiss’s were such graceful, fun, and generous hosts. I accompanied them to their friends’ home to visit with the Barkins’ new grandson. We got there and there was a table full of Everything I Would Like To Eat on a Sunday.

Fruit tarts, fresh organic fruits, cheeses galore and delicious crackery crackers. OMG. Pure BLISS.



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