Kabuki with Jessica

Green tea lemonades. I think the lemonade needed a bit of help cuz after a while, I was like hmmm… tasty but not tasty enough.

Sashimi – thinly sliced and tasty which surprised me since I’ve been raggin on Kabuki for losing quality.

We ordered the Sunkissed roll (spicy tuna with avocado and salmon on top, with some sort of sauce that’s quite tasty), vegetable roll (which I always get cuz I’m a freak) and seared albacore. The albacore wasn’t as good as last time – not as buttery. But still good.

THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING SHRIMP DISPLAY I HAVE EVER HAD. The cup had a blue light in it that absolutely freaked us out.

The shrimp were huge and yummy.

Blue light went out after like 5 minutes or so. I was very entertained.

Topped off the night with dessert, which I can’t remember if I promised Jeanette I wouldn’t do.. but I couldn’t pass. It was green tea ice cream with blackberry syrup, a wafer cookie and some other kind of cookie, blueberries and raspberries. I am such a sucker for presentation. Seriously.



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