Subway for lunch again. I am trying to eat better. Not that Subway is great but, dude, I cannot do La Serenita more than once a month. Holy beans. Ham and spinach, tomatoes and cukes. Crunchtastic. Cassandra made me get the Baked Lays which taste like stale crackers with a little bit of flavour. I’d rather eat crackers.

Dinner: Saigon French Sandwich – nope. I didn’t have a sandwich. I had noodles with some kind of strange fluorescent yellow floating puffs and meat and bean sprouts, cilantro and a super tasty broth. My mom picked it up – the whole premise of this restaurant is quite interesting. They sell banh mis and all that jazz, but every day, for dinner, they cook whatever the heck they feel like. It’s Dinner-To-Go for those who work late hours and cannot cook when they get home. SCORE!! Every day the menu changes. They decide what’s for dinner that night, the morning of! So genius. Seriously. And the food is all very homemade and good. It’s not like drop your pants good or anything, but that bowl filled me up. Yeah, good eats.

Happy Friday dewds.



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